Outsourcing & Contracting Solutions

Changing the way to think about talent.

Our solutions enable you to find top professionals, overturn employee turnover and boost your efficiency. With Ajilon, you get highly skilled people who fit in well, want to stay and make your workplace much happier and more productive. Your outsourcing and contracting solutions provider in Luxembourg !

Professional Staffing & Contracting Solutions

We help you to get everything you need to build your most efficient and productive team ever.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We provide you a scalable and best-in-class approach to attract and retain top people in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Training Process Outsourcing

From development and implementation of your training plan to the administrative management, we offer you end-to-end training solutions.

Talent Solutions & Advisory

Thanks to our expertise, creative ideas and talent approach, we develop and enhance your approach to talent acquisition. We work closely with you to meet your workforce needs for each of your projects.


Get customized workforce solutions

Find top professionals

Your job openings and workforce needs are very specific. Let's discuss your challenges and then find the highly skilled, pre-qualified talent you need.

Overturn turnover

Whether its losing efficient employees or making bad hires, turnover is costly. We help you develop a detailed hiring profile so you get people who fit in well and want to stay.

Boost efficiency

People with the right mix of expertise and soft skills make your workplace much happier and more productive. Our HR professional experts will make sure you find them.

Need top talent for your open positions?

We have the connections to get you the best talent quickly.

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