Training Process Outsourcing: Training the talent

Why choose Ajilon ?

We provide end-to-end solutions for all or parts of your training needs: from development of the training plan to the administrative management.

You get customised solutions.

Being connected to more than 200 local and international training providers, we can provide tailor-made training programs.

You save time and money.

Because training is one of our core businesses, our solutions are scalable, cost-effective and delivered in record time.

Get help with your training plan

  • Development
  • Implementation
  • Budget management
  • Planning
  • Reporting
  • Administrative management


Here's how we can help you with your training needs.

Training Plan

Development and implementation of the training plan.


Budget management, planning and reporting.

Administrative management

Outsource all administrative tasks linked to your training plan.

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Our professionals can help you to define your training plan. So you save time. And money.


Build competitive edge through training.

Let us show you how our solutions develop people and enhance performance.

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Training Needs Analysis & Definition.

  • Understand Training Policy and Process
  • Establish the anticipated training plan
  • Budget/Training hours validation from HR and Management
  • Expectation clarification for Managers and employees

Training Advisory & Administration.

  • Receiving Training Requests from Employees
  • Research training options
  • Advise on training possibilities (e-learning, Access,…)
  • Advise and negotiate with different Institutions providing the requested training
  • Transfer the research results to the employees concerned on costs/date/duration/providers
  • Receive feedback from the employees concerning the selected options
  • Receive validation from the HR department
  • Registration of the participants

Reporting & Co-funding process.

  • Monthly reporting of the different trainings and corresponding participants
  • Preparation of the training plan to INFPC including:
  • Collecting the documentations
  • Handling the official co-funding application