The 8 myths about Career Transition

Changing career by choice or by obligation is not an easy step to take. Work provides more than just a salary. Indeed, working gives you an activity, a purpose, social contact as well as social status. There are many myths surrounding career transition, but 8 will be discussed here.


Soft Skills

« There are no jobs in the summer or over the holidays ; I can’t get a job if I don’t have one. »

Schools may take a break during the summer, but employers certainly don’t. Holiday periods where hiring slows down are always great opportunities to network and position yourself for the jobs that open up after the holiday.

« I can’t get a job if I don’t have one. »

It’s simply not true. Our consultants dispel this belief all the time as they see those around them getting prospects and jobs – and then they confidently go forth and land.

« I have no experience in that industry – I can’t get hired there. »

Candidates get hired because of their “fit” with a company. You have transferable skills no matter what the industry is. In addition to your specific background, you’re selling enthusiasm, intelligence, motivation and interest in them.

« Networking is the only way to get a job. »

There are three strategies you can use to find a job: answering job ads, working with recruiters and networking. Don’t rely solely on one of these methods they are complementary.

« I can’t get hired at that company because they just downsized. »

Some companies need to adjust their staffing as business conditions change. Sometimes there is a need for new employees in one department, at the same time as changing conditions require a cutback in another department. 

« I’m too old to get hired. »

There are three components of age – chronological age, skill set and the impression you make. If your skill set is up to date in your field and you appear enthusiastic and dynamic, age won’t matter.

« I need a degree to change careers. »

Many jobs do not require a degree by law. The most important thing employers want is to know if you have the required skills for this position. Additionally, there are more and more short training programs to develop specific skills.

« I've only worked at one company - no one else will hire me.»

Having worked for only one company shows many positive things about you. It means thar you developed a deep level of expertise in that industry and that you were an asset for the company. 

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