Boost your career - Thinking about a new start with an old company?

If your last job search happened years ago, your approach may be dated. Today, there's a talent shortage, and experienced and qualified professionals are in high demand.
Whether you are actively looking, or a so-called "passive candidate", keep reading this 7-article dossier and discover a world of new opportunities — one of which could be your dream job !

Part 1: Navigating the job search during the talent shortage

Part 2: Put an emphasis on soft skills and accomplishments.

Part 3: Think beyond the interview.

Part 4: Make yourself visible.

Part 5: Thinking about a new start with an old company?

Networking with new contacts isn't the only way to discover career opportunities. Who hasn't left a job and secretly (or not so secretly) wished for the day when your former company would be sorry they let you get away? In a talent shortage, that fantasy is often a reality—and you have the leverage.

Even if you parted on less than happy terms, organizations that know you well may be pining for your return. If you do decide to strike up a conversation with a former employer or answer a lunch invitation from an old boss, be sure to carefully vet that the issues that led to your departure in the first place. There's no point in walking back into a negative situation, but there is a point in exploring new options at your old stomping grounds—especially if things have changed.

Part 6: Consider the non-financial incentives of making a move.

Part 7: Find a true, mutually beneficial learning culture.

Advice and Resources

5 tips for a successful internship

Interns have a special place in the company: often there to ease the staff workload, they are also younger and stay shorter. Their fresh perspective invites employees to review their work and organization differently. You are looking for an internship in the company of your dreams? Here are 5 tips to be a successful trainee and make the most of your internship.

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The Do's and Don't's of the phone interview

To select the best candidates during job interviews, recruiters often use a preliminary step, the phone pre-screening. This exchange seems complicated to most job seekers but may be an opportunity to differentiate themselves. Indeed, it is a discussion that allows recruiters to get to know you and learn more about you before going further in the recruitment process. Ajilon advises you on the points you should respect during this phone interview and those you should avoid.

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